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oMG, so I was in Arizona for a little because my Aunt Kelly lives there and it seriously was a blast. I met this really hot guy, Josh, and he was so fun to hang out with!! He had a really cool car too ;) and was a great kisser. Too bad he has a gf :/ (Although he didn't seem to remember when I jumped him three nights before I left!) I passed my driving exam and got my license so daddy will be getting me a car soon :) I hope he gets me the Audi convertible I want.. the other day I checked the recent history and it looked as though he was looking up Audi info.. so fingers crossed XD

Josh has an LJ so we're going to keep in touch.. I wonder if he's reading this ;) Teeheee. Anyway, Summer is awezome, my friends are the fuckin' bomb, and I have a license!!!!!!

Life could not be any goddamn sweeter than this shit #_o

I wish Summer would go on forevaaa and evaaa! ♥ ♥

Sorry I've been neglectful lj friends- my life has been INSANE!

PS. That Olympic swimmer guy iz SOOO HAWTIES.
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