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First off I found out the most exciting thing today.. Daddy booked us a trip to the Bahamas for Christmas!!!! It was totally supposed to be a surprise but the travel agent blew it by calling my mother. Lol! So yeah, we're going to the Bahamas and staying at this amazingly fabulous hotel called the Atlantis. It has a water slide and underground aquariums and all of this other shit. Not to mention crystal blue water and banana boats! I had no idea Daddy would want to go, especially since we went to the Dominican Republic over the summer (like I said.. LOVE banana boats!). So yeah, I'll get my hair braided and send my friends postcards (although they never even received the ones I sent from Dominica..) and get a nice winter tan. This is so awesome, especially considering that we're going on a ski trip in February to Snowbird in Salt Lake City, Utah.. Two vacations in a short time! The great thing is that this trip to Atlantis helps Daddy get credits since he's a doctor and that way it works out well for everyone! ;) Gawd, can you tell I'm excited?!

Here are some pix of the resort:


In other news I have decided to get my hair cut so I'll try to post pix afterwards. It's so annoying trying to take pictures w/out a camera. Oh! And thanks so much to everyone who answered my questions. My friend Amy said she'd drive me to planned parenthood on Friday so hopefully I'll get some cheap bc pills. I really can't tell my mom.. one time she found a condom in my drawer and freaked out. I told her I got it at school during a safe sex assembly and she bought it. Then she sat me down and was like: Sally, the only way to be safe is to not have sex at all.. Uh, Mom. Yeah right. I'm a horny girl! ^___o

Today at school I felt a little bad. I think B was crying in the corner during lunch.. If he wasn't so weird I'd try to be his friend but there's no way. I mean, he still lurks in front of my house. Even in the rain like today.. with his red Snoopy umbrella. Anyway, it's WAY past my bedtime and as always I have school tomorrow. Later guyz!
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