♥SaLLy♥ (princesa_sally) wrote,

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locked most entries.. (although sometimes i'll give you a sneak peak of my life) ;]

If you add me I'll most likely add you back too! ^___^ I ♥ making lj friends :D
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November 19 2003, 19:45:53 UTC 14 years ago

sally love! don't lock so many entries!!! cuz i can't read them lOl! +___-

-amy xOxO



February 18 2004, 18:13:42 UTC 14 years ago

I knowww! I hate that! Plz stop doing making it so we can't read them!

-Jessica ♥
where have you been???
please remove me off your friends list. thank you.
Wtf? Bitchy much? I'll remove you when I have the chance, jesus.


14 years ago

your layout is awesome.
thanks so much!!

I have a new journal!!!
It's for icons and other junk I make. Anyways please add my NEW journal

**Note I'm still keeping this journal.
Oooh, will do!!!
hey, hope u don't mind, i friended u cuz you seem really awesome!!
you havent updated in a while, where are you?! <3
OMG! your screen is soooo damn cute! <3 i added out :) add me back if you'd like :)
You're so hot. Friend me now.
OMG! I promise not to get u in trouble w/ur gf!!! LOL!
Hey babe! My old journal was deleted, but I'm hoping you'll add my new one to your friends list. <3