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I had the best fucking weekend!!! My friend Brendan and I took the Chinatown bus down to NYC and hung out with his older brother Jared, who goes to NYU and it was sooo awesome. Gawd, I wanna go there.. but I doubt I have the grades, I'm so fucking lazy! Maybe the art school for theatre or some shit.. Daddy did say I can go wherever I want. ;) Anyway, we went to this great party at one of the dorms (see above invitation!) and I made out with three different boys over the course of the night (college guys are pretty awesome). And also one girl.. but that was due to 7 minutes in heaven/spin the bottle type game :) Whatever, she was a good kisser.. haha. The greatest part of NYC was that Terrence and the Lovliness was playing at Arlene's Grocery and they totally fell for my fake id. I'm sure I could've sweet talked my way in anyway, I've done it before and I'm sure I'll do it again.. God, Terrence is so hot that during the show I kept thinking about.. well, you know.. I almost went to the bathroom just to pleasure myself (sorry if that's tmi). He's really cute, the hottest emo guy I've ever seen because he's sensitive but not wimpy at all.

I am not looking foward to going to school tomorrow, just not in the mood. Not to mention Blake has been getting extra weird lately. The other day there were streamers and balloons and other shit on my locker, but it was NOT my birthday, my bday is in June. And he knows that. Anyway, I open the thing up and inside is this huge cutout paper heart sort of torn in half, hanging from the top. Then I found a card that said: this is what you are doing to me. UGH. Get the fuck over it asshole.

ps. i have a new background for my layout.. easier to read ^__^
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