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God, I almost forgot I had this thing.. sorry :/ I've been a total pothead lately and partying way too much ^-^ .. I mean a lot! My friend Angela mad these awesome brownies w/weed and some how during the party I ended up in the bathroom with Kevin, an old ex. Things kinda escalated and I think in a drunken stupor I sorta blew him and got brownie all over Jeremy's bathroom... and the worst part is I'm not all that positive. I'm so stupid :( Oh well, shit happens I guess. Vday was pretty uneventful just because I'm not officially "going out" with anyone.. but I did get Valentines from 4 seperate boys!! And um, a really really creepy anonymous one that said: I will love you, Forever and ALWAYS written in a ketchup-like substance. Sorry, but I'm not buying that it was actual blood.. I mean, it fucking smells like a hamburger. So if you are reading this Blake, stay the fuck out of my yard/mailbox.

I hope you all have been doing wonderfully and I'm sorry I don't comment more. I've just been really out of it lately. You know how us crazy kids are.. ;) Better get back to lunch.. I think Jeremy saved me a seat =)

Oh, btw, I cut my hair.. and I can't remember if I showed you guys or not..

Old style:

New hair!!:

see me in the Jeremy's bathroom? I was still pretty sober then.. hahaha.
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