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Sorry I haven't updated in so long! Things have been really insane around here.. I had a major project due in school, not to mention all of my teachers have been giving mad amounts of tests.. plus, I got grounded from my computer at home for coming home drunk one night.. EeP! Thank God my punishment time is up!! o.O By the way.. I LOVE XMAS SHOPPING.. and I absolutely can not wait until winter break is here.

In other news, my friend Carrie was in a car accident and she broke her leg so I've been really busy hanging out with her.. tears :*( but she's gonna be okay. The scary part is that I was supposed to be in her car but I went home with Jake instead cuz I wanted to be alone w/him.. freaky, right? I'm guessing Carrie won't be playing soccor next year tho =/ Sad! Anyway, I think I'm getting some really awezome presents for Xmas and I totally can't wait.

Later, guys!
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