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... okay. So I read the last entry in my ex's lj and it fucking creeped me out like mad so I'm making a new resolution- to never read that shit again. Who the fuck goes out of their way to destroy their kid brother's birthday party.. Seriously FUCKED UP. Honestly, I can't wait to go away to college just to get away from this guy.. Hopefully he won't follow me to BU, Vassar, or Sarah Lawrence (not sure where I want to go yet). He's such a weirdo.

Anywayz.. the other night we got into Jillian's without a problem. And OMFG I was sooo drunk by the end of the night. Thank God Kevin was there to drive me home. I gave him a little present before I got out of the car (hehehe) and I think he's gonna call me later hopefully. I'm always so goddamn horny when I'm on the rag. (Sorry if that's TMI)

Okay, I gotta go (I'm supposed to be in P.E!!). ♥ you all!
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