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Well, first off Belle and Sebastian were amazing. My friend Ashley took some pictures with her cam so here's one for all of you:

They played Kelly as their final song and it was really rad! And so many cute indie boyz there.. I gave one my number ;) As for Keith, I told him I really don't want to have a boyfriend right now but I'd love to still hang out. I hope just being friends doesn't mean we can't still screw around sometimes.. Hey, I have teenage hormones to think about here!!!

Also, yesterday when I checked my mailbox there was this weird invitation in it to my ex's little brother's birthday party. Now correct me if I'm wrong but that's creepy.. Why would I want to go? I mean his little bro is sweet and all but I really don't want to go to some family event with someone who I don't want to be around anymore. I mean, the note inside the little "You're invited!" card was really creepy.. I'll copy it for you and you can all decide:

Sally, you're cordially invited to attend my brother, Bobby's, 11th birthday party. Your presence is highly appreciated. I would stuff ant-ridden dirt for you, Sally. Please come for me. I will literally cry you a river and make my heart explode for you. Please come. I would want to spend every waking hour with you. Sally, I want you to come celebrate my brother's birthday. He is one year closer to death, and I want you to come celebrate it with me. We could eat cake and dance to the moonlit sky. We could tap dance on the moon and fuck the whole world to a million pieces. I NEED YOU, always. I love you, you are my soulkeeper. You have me at your command.
Love your faithful servant

Even the card was creepy. He drew a picture of a heart with a knife threw it.. And one year closer to death?! WTF! The kid is 11 for crissakes! If that's old then I guess I've got one foot in the grave.. ::Shudders::

Anywayz, gotta get ready, my friends and I are chillin in Boston tonight. Might go to this bar.. Jillian's. I heard they don't card ;) Hope I have a good time. Later kids!
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