♥SaLLy♥ (princesa_sally) wrote,

To all those with significant othersss..

Okay, so I've been hanging out with this new guy, Keith. And he is really, really super cute but I think he calls a little too much and he constantly wants to do things with me. I mean, sometimes is fine but I don't want to fucking have him taking me to Starbucks to buy me drinks every day (Gawd, I'll get fat!!).. And he's super sweet.. I mean, he bought me all this cute shit at the mall and of course that never hurts ;) but it's just that I really need ME time. Sure, we have fun. And the sex is pretty hawt (teehee) but I get tired of him hanging onto every little word I say and paying so much attention to me. Like, this guy notices if I change the color of my nailpolish, which I don't even think is normal.. Anyway, going to Belle and Sebastian tonight.. and my friend has a cam so hopefully I'll have pixs!
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