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Today was definitely weird. As per usual Blake was hiding out in the bushes of my neighbor's lawn across the street with his binoculars. Anyway, while I'm walking Prince I pass by him and say hi. (Acting like it's not totally fucking creepy/juvenile that he's spying on me from a bush) So B comes out, all covered in dirt and pine needles, and hands me this scrunched up tissue. Well, I was grossed out because I had no idea what he was doing but then i felt something hard inside. It was a freaking diamond ring! I was shaking because no one has ever given me something like that and B said something about a precious for his precious (WEIRDO) so I put it on and said thanks very much. Now of course while I'm finishing my walk with Prince I'm wondering how the fuck he could afford something like this and if he sold his original star wars figurines or something to pay for it.. Well, about three hours later Blake's mom calls.. to fucking ask for the engagement ring B's father gave her 18 years ago back. HE FUCKING STOLE HIS MOM'S RING AND GAVE IT TO ME! I was SO embarrassed and told her that of course she could have it back and to come pick it up at any time. His mom is so nice and understanding, seriously the sweetest woman ever. Anyway, I gave the ring back and all is well but I'm definitely thinking twice before taking anything else from that kid.
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